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universal universe

My Main Interests in Physics

The universe as a whole is determined by gravity, which is described by the general relativity theory. Its constituents, the elementary particles, behave according to the rules of quantum field theory or, more specifically, according to the standard model of particle physics. Super string theory could turn out to be the single elegant Theory of Everything [P10ctoex] physicists dream of. This may also solve the old outstanding (philosophical) problem of the interpretation of quantum theory (collapse of the wave function, Schrödinger's cat,...).
Phase portrait of the gap equation for fermion masses

My Active Research

My interests in physics are centered around the above topics. My active research concentrates on non-perturbative QCD, especially instantons, gluon mass, quark propagator, eta' mass, meson correlators and masses, and the proton spin. My favorite paper explains the exponential fermion mass spectrum between successive generations.


My Publications in Physics (QCD, Instantons)

More Publications


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