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In year 1994 I prepared and gave QED exercises at the university in Munich supplementing the QED lectures of Prof. Koller.


  1. Klein-Gordon equation and Greens functions
  2. Lorentz group spinors
  3. Properties of Gamma matrix spinors
  4. Weyl spinors, generators, Dirac equation in EM field
  5. Free Dirac equation: Lagrangian, Hamiltonian, canonical quantization, solution
  6. Noether theorems for free Klein-Gordon field
  7. Casimir effect, LSZ formalism for interacting Klein-Gordon field
  8. Interacting Klein-Gordon field: spectral representation, Poincare trafo, Ward identities
  9. Pathintegral-quantization
  10. Ward identities for QED, EM field quantization

Please contact me if you are interested in the solutions.

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