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Most of my articles are available online from the arXiv arXiv.org e-Print archive in PDF Acrobat PDF reader, PostScript Ghostview, and LaTeX LaTeX document preparation system format. Sometimes also slides (PSGhostview, PDFAcrobat PDF reader, PPTPowerPoint), program code C-code, press coverage discussion/press, project information project, BibTeX entry BIB, and/or more more are available. Some key publications are highlighted by a *. They include a book, my physics and AI ideas I'm most proud of, my most popular paper, a rather technical paper, a patent, and my first publication. Maybe you prefer them sorted w.r.t. topic (outdated) or the DBLP listing (compact) or in BibTeX format (recommended) or in Google Scholar.

Generally Accessible Papers (till 2019)

My Favorite Publications (not necessarily yours) (till 2015)

Selected Publications (besides my favorites) (till 2021)

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