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Wooden 3D Jigsaw Puzzles

There are a lot of 3-dimensional jigsaw puzzles. Usually they consist of carved 3D wooden pieces which have to be assembled to some shape. For the harder ones it can be useful to divide the problem into two subproblems: (1) Find the right position of each piece and (2) Find a strategy to assemble them. I placed a catalog of many (but not all) available puzzles below, followed by some of my collection. See also for a nice collection of custom-made wooden puzzles.

Catalog of wooden 3D jigsaw puzzles Catalog of wooden 3D jigsaw puzzles Catalog of wooden 3D jigsaw puzzles

Some of my Wooden 3D Jigsaw Puzzles

The puzzles below are not very difficult, since there is a high symmetry in the pieces. Puzzles of the step-shaped octahedron type exist in various sizes (see catalog above). The wooden ball consists of 6 pieces. It is functionally identical to the plastic star. The manacle is of a somewhat different category.

Wooden 3D jigsaw octahedron Wooden 3D jigsaw ball Wooden 3D cube with missing vertices Wooden Tetrahedron Wooden Manacle

I remember one puzzle, essentially a cube consisting of 18 pieces (all different), which I was not able to figure out by hand. So I wrote a program which gave me all 42(!) geometrically possible solutions, but only 2 of them were possible to assemble. Photos of this one and more as soon as I find them ...
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