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3D Puzzles Similar to Rubik's Cubes

I have two lesser known 3D puzzles similar to Rubik's cubes, which are surprisingly more difficult than the cube. I don't know who invented them, but I call them Rubik's Sphere and Rubik's Cuboid (see below). To solve them it is necessary to find move sequences (I call them tricks) which interchange only a few cubis. Once you have these tricks, the ball/cuboid can easily be solved by suitably selecting and executing them. The tricks are more difficult (to find) due to the reduced symmetry (as compared to the cube and dodekahedron). There are directions in which a 90° rotation is impossible. This prevents an adaption of some of the tricks from the cube.

Rubik's Sphere

Rubik's sphere consists of eight 45° sectors which can be rotated against each other by 180° turns. It is also cut into 4 slices rotateable against each other by 45°. Unfortunately, the mechanics of this model are very poor.

Rubik's Sphere Rubik's Sphere

Rubik's Cuboid

Rubic's cuboid consists of 2×3×3 cubis. Instead of the usual colors, the cubis are numbered domino-like, but this is irrelevant for the strategies. Again, only one direction allows 90° turns, in the other two only 180° rotations are possible. The mechanics are extremely good.

Rubik's Cuboid Rubik's Cuboid

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