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Welcome to my Puzzles Games Pages!

If you want to knock me out, just give me a puzzle and I won't disturb you until I've solved it. Of course the puzzle should be a challenge. It should be neither trivial nor solvable by brute force combinatorics only. I got/want all games without a solution and in decomposed/scrambled form. Some of them would be too easy if one were to undo them carefully oneself. I only present solutions I found by myself (during boring school lessons) and those I've written down (most of them rather sketchy). Just click on the toy or the links to the left.

Some of my puzzles & games Interwoven Boardgame Wooden 3D cube with missing vertices Wooden Tetrahedron Manacle Waggler plastic Lotto pen Star puzzle Waggling wood Levitron Rubik's Magic 3D layered egg puzzle Sticky colored tetrahedron 4x4 soma cube Newton's cradle (ClickClack), not a puzzle Rubik's 2x3x3 cube Rubik's 5x5 cube - a rarity Rubik's 4x4 cube Rubik's Cube - The original Rubik's dodecahedron Rubik's sphere Barrel with colored marbles Batons with notches entangles in a cube Wooden 3D jigsaw ball Wooden 3D jigsaw puzzle A gysroscope

Rubik's Cubes
Rubik's Dodekahedron
Rubik's Magic
Other Rubik's like
Wooden Puzzles
Plastic Puzzles
Newton's cradle
Interwoven Boardgame

Not a puzzle: DIY 3D VR Glasses

Most of the puzzles I was given long time ago, so I cannot help with requests where to buy them. Sorry!
Some of them may be available at: Pfeiffer am Dom, Liebfrauenstr. 1, 80331 Munich, Germany, Phone: +49-89/294242, Fax: +49-89-24231518.
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