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Welcome to my Homepage! The content of this site is centered around my current and past interests and activities.

I am Senior Researcher at DeepMind in London, and Honorary Professor in the Research School of Computer Science (RSCS) at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra. Before I was with IDSIA in Switzerland and NICTA. My research at RSCS/ANU/NICTA/IDSIA is/was centered around Universal Artificial Intelligence, which is a mathematical top-down approach to AI, based on Kolmogorov complexity, algorithmic probability, universal Solomonoff induction, Occam's razor, Levin search, sequential decision theory, dynamic programming, reinforcement learning, and rational agents. Generally I'm attracted by fundamental problems on the boundary between Science and Philosophy, which have a chance of being solved in my expected lifespan. One is Artificial Intelligence. The other is Particle Physics with questions related to physical Theories of Everything. Mathematics in its whole breadth (statistics, numerics, algebra, ...) has become my constant and cherished companion.

News 2024: My new book is finally out: Introduction to Universal AI.
News 2024: Cartesian Cafe Whiteboard Podcast covering (a tiny fraction of) my new book.
News 2020: Interview by Lex on UAI/AIXI/AGI and Panel Discussion led by Kate on GPT-3&AGI.
News 2020: H-Prize got SuperSized to 500'000€: 10×Size, 10×Purse, 10×Time, 10×RAM, 10×HDD.
News 2019: I moved to DeepMind in London.
News 2018: PhD Scholarships and PostDoc Position - postponed.
News 2017: Web-demo of AIXI and related algorithms (by John Aslanides et al.)

Marcus Hutter, Honorary Professor
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