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TRS80-PC2Infos about Trs80-PC2

Trs80-PC2 should not be confused with the table computer Trs80 Model 1. Trs80-PC2 was the first Basic programmable pocket computers with 2KByte Ram and one LCD line containing 24x5x7 dots to display up to 24 characters. The price was roughly 500$. Of course I wanted to see what you physically get for this money. When I opened it I understood the price. Within 1.4cm height I found two circuit boards on top of each other(!), equipped on both sides with tons of discrete(!) logic and several chips. I was impressed. I can't say this from my later calcis. It was every time a disappointment to find (maybe two or three) chips inside - that was it.

My Programs

This was my second pocket computer I got (in 1980). I put the listings of my early programming attempts here, just for curiosity.


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