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TI-30 LCD TI-30 LCD A pocket calculator which is only worth to be mentioned because it would win a contest of the worst calculator in the universe. And guess what. This was the calculator of choice in most schools in germany - and everybody had to buy this model. Look at the well shaped bulb at its back - it contained the large battery. A slight touch on the LCD and you got nice blurry display effects. Something which had to be studied in detail ... It was easy to remove the polarization filter and rotate it 180° - then you got an inverted white on black display. Ok - we had a lot of fun with this calculator. The only thing you could not do with it was to calculate. The keys always horribly chattered (rebounced?). We were told that the school had chosen this model because of the good service - clearly, for any other model we would not have needed service. It would just have worked, even in these days!

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